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At the Mental Health Center of Tacoma, Washington, we offer a variety of services on a schedule designed to fit your needs.

We request that each patient meets with one of our highly-trained staff members for a consultation to discuss which form of treatment will be best for you. This can be done person, or via video chat, if you are not a local. Consultation is free and is not a commitment to any form of treatment.

Nearly all of our treatment plans involve meeting with a psychiatrist to determine whether or not medication is needed or should be adjusted, and we can prescribe and supply medication on site.

Below are some of our treatment options:

1. In-patient

In-patient stay is highly recommended for those who are struggling with day-to-day life due to mental health needs. In-patient stay allows patients the time, space, and structure to focus on themselves and their mental wellbeing fully. All of our treatment programs are designed to be flexible, but typically an in-patient stay is anywhere from three to thirty days. In-patient treatment will usually consist of a combination of group and individual talk therapy, with healthy meals and therapeutic activities provided. We guarantee patients will be happy and relaxed in our state of the art facility, with king-sized beds, full private bathrooms, and an on-site gym with swimming pool. Meals are provided on a set schedule and can be enjoyed in the cafeteria, in the recreational center or in-patients’ rooms. Meals are healthy and locally sourced. We offer several options for every meal, on a rotating schedule. We are able to accommodate any dietary needs or preferences.

2. Outpatient

Outpatient treatment is structured similarly to in-patient, with the main difference being that the patient will not stay overnight at the facility. Outpatients have a variety of options for treatment plans and can opt into meals or gym access. Again, all treatment plans are designed to be flexible, but typically outpatient stay consists of a combination of group and individual talk therapy, with the option to participate in other activities.

3. Counseling

We offer ongoing counseling, both individual and group, continuously. In-patient or outpatient might not be the best option for you. If this is determined during your consultation, we are happy to match you with a counselor and/or a group. We highly recommend all patients receive counseling after their time with us. Therapy is an effective way of maintaining mental wellness and help keep from needing further treatment in the future