Recognizing Anxiety Disorder In Children

Recognizing Anxiety Disorder In Children

Anxiety is a pervasive disorder to be diagnosed in both adults and children these days, but it can be harmful to children because they are still growing and developing. Anxiety disorder in children can keep them from knowing how to associate in the real world.

Feelings of intense worry and stress are usually what constitutes anxiety. It can interfere with life experience, social cues, cause problems with school, and more.

Common Anxiety Disorders In Childhood

Panic Disorder. Having consistent panic attacks is what truly defines this disorder. If a kid has panic attacks, this means that they may fear to enter new situations and panic about being in specific situations. They may try specifically to avoid things that can trigger a panic attack. Panic disorder treatment usually involves a mix of behavioral therapy and medication to help the child recover.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. If someone has an obsessive disorder, it means they compulsively have to do specific actions or have lots of intrusive thoughts. It can mean they have rituals they have to follow regardless of whether it interferes with anything in their lives.Obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms are usually compulsive behavior coupled with compulsive thoughts. There can be constant hand washing, repetition of certain words, or needing to have things or possessions arranged a specific way.

Separation Anxiety. A milestone of childhood is separation anxiety, but if it continues or gets worse past toddlerhood, then this can be a dangerous sign. It isn’t normal for an older child to freak out if their parent leaves, or to need to sleep in their bed most nights. If a kid turns to you every time they feel uncomfortable, this can be a sign of separation anxiety. They may have physical problems if they go away from you and complain of headaches or stomachaches.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This is the most basic and most diagnosed type of anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder makes kids anxious about everything in their normal life. They might have a sense of impending doom or only ever expect the worst. This means they can’t even imagine something ending well they just worry and expect it to be a disaster. Generalized anxiety disorder treatment involves therapy and medication to help them relearn how to think about everyday situations and special tactics to help them handle their anxiety.

Please, note that only a qualified doctor can diagnose correctly.