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Helping You Win Over Addiction

At the Mental Health Center of Tacoma, Washington it is our mission to provide access to affordable mental healthcare to everyone. We serve locals of Washington, but also accept patients from out of state. We know it is often the case that is fully submerging a patient in treatment is the best way to recovery, and going out of state and away from all contacts and distractions can be beneficial. On the other hand, locals have access to treatment options that can fit in with their daily routine, making ongoing care and treatment possible and convenient.

At the Mental Health Center of Tacoma, Washington, we are a highly trained, award-winning team that truly cares about our patients. We are fully medically certified and have doctors on hand, so we can diagnose, as well as prescribe and provide medication.

Our team strives to make our patients’ experience with us as comfortable, positive and productive as possible. Whether you are an in-patient, outpatient, a member of a group or individual therapy, or a patient for any of our services, we want to help you change your life.

We believe that you have the power to help yourself, and we are here to equip you with the tools needed to feel your best, be your best self and live your best life. No matter how you are feeling now or how your life is going, we can help you get better.

We accept most forms of insurance, both public and private. We also work on a sliding scale fee based on income if you do not have health insurance, and can set up affordable monthly payment plans for your treatment. We can negotiate your payment before your treatment, so while you may not have to pay upfront, you will know your total expenses before starting treatment.